Meet our creative Team

We take pride in our community building and one to one team design towards tech solutions for the complex needs of our members

Mathias Hesemans: President

Mathias Hesemans is the current president of BIS Society. He is studying two majors both being, Management Information Systems as well as Operation Supply Chain management. Mathias biggest accomplishment regarding BIS Society thus far has been to become a new-aged reformer. Through Mathias, our humble organization has grown to accept changes and challenge our members to expand their horizons. There has never been a task too small nor opportunity too large that Mathias did not believe our members could handle.  

Mathias also believes in the benefit of the entire college of business’ clubs going as far as having his officers consult on projects or resource availability that start-up clubs may not be aware of.

In his spare time, Mathias runs an eBay shop where he diligently practices a mix of both his accounting skills and California commerce law.

Tausif Sazzad: Vice President

Tausif Sazzad is the current Vice President of BIS Society. He

is majoring in Management Information Systems. Tausif’s professional goal is to one day become a leading data analyst. Tausif’s greatest strengths in BIS Society can be attributed to his logistics works. Tausif can be seen as the man behind the curtain that reaches out and connects the lines between professional industry leaders and students seeking a chance to develop and network.

He currently has worked for DHL as a business analyst intern and has gained valuable hands-on experience yet, through all that he does not wander from the path of knowledge, constantly wanting to expand his point of view and learn new valuable skills. One can often catch Tausif in the Meriam library watching lectures on python development and implementation.

Kristina Romero: Treasurer

Kristina is Senior at CSU, Chico, majoring in Business Information Systems with direct focus in Operations & Supply Chain Management. Originally from Southern California, she transferred from Ventura College with a voracious desire to learn from her peers, advance ERP analytical skills and become a leader in her field upon graduation. She holds Officer positions in BIS Society, Operations & Supply Chain Management Club and an active member of SAP Club. Cultivating the growth of BIS Society and its student members will be exciting to be a part of this year.

Paul Perez: CTO

Paul Perez is a graduating senior majoring in Management Information Systems, and he is the current Chief Technology Officer at BIS Society. During his time at CSU Chico, Paul has served in various tech-related roles in campus organizations such as the First-Year Experience Program and at the Admissions office, he decided to expand his horizons and join BIS SOCIETY. In his time here, he has rebuilt the BIS SOCIETY website, voluntarily tutored people in entry-level Java programming, provided tech consulting for clubs who do not have a dedicated technology position as well as served as a dedicated member aiming to solve any number of tasks that involve technology systems and their integration in the club. Paul's motto is to pass the torch to the next person, if one helps another reach their goals by learning a new skill, maybe that person will in turn teach another and a cycle of progress can be made.

Shefali Manjunath: P.R.

Shefali Manjunath is a Fourth-year Management Information Systems student. Shefali is the current Public Relations Officer of BIS Society and she really enjoys being part of BIS SOCIETY because of the avenues provided such as being able to learn networking skills, meet with companies and meet other BIS students!
Aside from her wonderful work and accomplishments here at CSU Chico, Shefali is a volunteer high school math tutor and is an integral part of her community. Shefali prides herself in educating the youth.

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